Promoting a Life-Changing Marriage Event

Is it possible for a small church to host a quality marriage event?

The answer is yes! I know what you probably are thinking because I’ve heard it all before and, as a pastor of small churches for almost two decades, I probably thought the same thing.

The reality is that, for an investment of less than $100, your church can host a first-class marriage event. How? I’ll provide all the details in my next article. If you can’t wait, then use the Contact page to indicate that you want to get in touch with me, and the Small Church Central staff will connect us via email. (I would hate to keep you awake at night wondering about this great opportunity!)

There actually is something even easier that your church can do at no cost to your church whatsoever. That is to promote the Weekend to Remember marriage getaway that FamilyLife hosts in approximately 75 cities around the U.S. every year. This event can have a life-changing impact on couples in your church and in your community.

By agreeing to promote a Weekend to Remember event, your church gets some benefits and perks:

  • When your church creates a group name, any couple that registers using that group name will save at least $100 off their registration.
  • As you promote and get couples signed up, it’s easy to earn free registrations that you can give to those in your church (or community) who can’t afford to pay for the marriage event themselves.
  • Your senior pastor and his or her spouse get a free event registration.

Who said that small churches can’t have a big impact? Please reach out (via the Contact page) so we can connect and talk more. I would love to help you as you desire to help others!

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