Hosting an Event that Improves Marriages…for $100

True or False?

  • I have people in my church who are married.
  • At least some of these people could work on making their marriages stronger.
  • At least some of these people are struggling in their marriages.
  • I am currently counseling or meeting with at least one couple who are having marital issues.

If you answered True to at least one of these questions, then you should consider hosting a marriage conference to help:

  • The people in your church who are married
  • The married friends and relatives of people in your church

Struggling couples will benefit greatly from this conference. But not all struggling couples want to admit that they are struggling. The good news is that you don’t have to position the event as something just for struggling couples, because all married couples will benefit from it. By calling the event a “marriage strengthening conference”, you’ll attract a wider audience, including folks who are struggling but don’t want to labelled as such.

In my last article, I mentioned that it is possible to host a first-class marriage event at your church for as little as $100. Here are the highlights of the event:

  • It runs on Friday evening and all day Saturday
  • It offers proven, world-class instruction and exercises that will strengthen the marriages of all who attend
  • No one at your church has to do any of the teaching

It’s an Art of Marriage event, with all of the instruction on video through FamilyLife. By purchasing the video leader kit for $99 – or even borrowing it if you know someone who already has it – your church can host a marriage conference that everyone who attends will love and will be talking about for months and years to come!

There are a total of six sessions, where dozens of top-notch speakers present the Biblical principles of marriage. It is engaging, comical, and challenging, all at the same time. During the course of the weekend, couples also complete three projects. No other marriage resource enables you to host such a high-quality marriage event so easily and for such a small cost.

But wait…there’s more! I am also one of 14 trained ministry advisors who works for FamilyLife, and I would love to come alongside of you to offer free coaching, encouragement, and prayer, as you plan and facilitate this event at your church.

Please feel free to reach out (via the contact page) so we can connect and talk more. I would love to help you to be the next small church that makes a big impact on marriages in your church and community.

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